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    The first day of the year, the company won 8 awards

    Updated:2017-3-27 Browse:9404

    In the former Ru Gao Economic conference, our company has won 8 awards, which becomes beautiful secenry of this meeting..Our company was authourized with “Rugao mayor Quality Award”(the only enterprise among the whole Rugao which won the award ) which help us earn 300000 yuan; The chairmanof the board, the general manager Xu Qunsheng was titled with Three - star entrepreneur of Rugao and won a Municipal People 's Government gold medal. Provincial enterprise technology center was paid 100000 yuan as a prize by the government. The Provincial Engineering Center Performance Evaluation won the Excellence Award, receiving 50,000 reward; The company won the "Nantong City quality model enterprises", receiving 20,000 yuan reward. The new developed 0.5-10T forklift mast special bearings won the second prize of Nantong City Science and Technology Progress Award. New products "adjustable roller bearings" was entitled the first prize of Rugao Science and Technology Progress , receiving 20,000 yuan reward. The technology vice president, senior engineer Chen Baoguo won the title with Rugao science and technology gaint.
    With the belief. "technology strengthens enterprises, quality uprises enterprises" ,after 20 years of arduous work, Wanda turns a brink of collapse into a Chinese forklift bearing manufacturing leading enterprises. The annual sales of various types of bearings is up to 3.5 million ,and large quantities of products were exported to Europe ,the United States, Southeast Asia, over 20 countries and regions, with annual sales from 8 million 10 years ago jumping to the current nearly 2 million which made our company top 30 of Rugao City tax-paid top 100 enterprises .
    At present, Wanda is committed to make forklift bearing manufacturing more specialization, more standardization,  more serialization, and more professional. Also Wanda strives to use 5 - 10 years to construct world class forklift bearing boutique base in order to achieve the world ’s Giant dream, " Wanda bearings, flying among the world "!

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